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Conscious Motherhood, Herbalism, and Environmentalism as a Spiritual Practitioner with Jen Rose


Through the Lens with Jen Rose - adapted from an interview led by Colleen Grace (originally posted on Om in Bloom).

Through the Lens: Jen Rose

By knowing you personally and following your journey on Instagram, it is truly inspiring to see how you so effortlessly represent passionate motherhood. How has raising your two children influenced your lifestyle?

I appreciate the compliment, Colleen. What you see on Instagram are the moments in between, the ones that I don’t want to forget. They are truly some of my favorites. My lifestyle has been greatly influenced by my children, Cristian Alan, who is 6, and Paloma Irene, 22 months.

I am constantly inspired and humbled by them, as I navigate the journey between motherhood and self. They truly encourage me to keep on my path. My lifestyle shifted quite dramatically when I gave birth to Cristian.

This was a time of awakening for me and I’d love to share it. I remember having a strong will to give birth naturally. I knew nothing about the subject, but I was determined to rise.

Originally, I planned to give birth in the hospital, without medicine or being monitored by machines. Three weeks before I was due, I called the midwives and scheduled to give birth with them. This is when my holistic journey began.

I felt so much empowerment and freedom. The pain that you often hear women speak of, it felt magical and purposeful. Feminine powers poured out from me that I never knew existed.

In the short time that my children have been with me earth side, I have grown and learned so much. I feel honored and grateful to be their mama.


As an herbalist, what do you hope to accomplish with your herbal education, and perhaps, how has it changed your perspective?

My hope is to first begin to heal myself. I am putting forth more efforts to care for my mind and body. As a mother, I’m not always great about it, but I am finding it necessary to take the time to recharge and do what I love. That way I am able to return to my family in high spirits, as my best self, and better care for them. I am currently working on my apothecary at home so that I can also heal my family.

My goal with studying herbalism is to assist women and children on their healing journeys. I want to help others find the joy in working with nature, and to feel the power of caring for their own mind and bodies.

My perspective has changed, such that I have had to unlearn much of what I was taught, specifically, about nutrition, medicine, and self-care. I believe the body has the ability to repair and heal itself, and we also have the ability to be our own healers.

While this topic is always really hairy, I personally feel like your activism is admirable. How do you internalize today’s society, and what drives you to stand up for what you believe in?

I feel like we live in a time where it’s very difficult to sit down. I am an empath, I truly feel for others; their needs, their pains, and their spirits. It is my belief that I must teach my children these values through my own actions.

I remember hearing a mother say that “once you become a mother, you are an activist. ” I feel that in my heart. After having children, I have become more rooted and connected with the earth. I feel her pains and her calls, and so I feel the need to stand up.

When I learned about what was happening at Standing Rock via Instagram, I felt called. My heart was and is connected to the water protectors.

Environmentalism is a daily spiritual practice for me. Whether it be a small or large action, I try to make an effort. I have been greatly inspired by the zero waste movement, which  encourages folks to live a more simple life, consume less, refuse single-use and disposable items, and make efforts to create minimal (or less) waste.

As I’ve simplified my own life, some of my practices now include bringing my own containers when I eat out, refusing single-use plastics and straws, shopping in bulk for food, shopping second-hand for clothing and housewares, hosting clothing swaps, attending rallies for climate change awareness, supporting local farmers, composting, and growing gardens in my own home and with others.

My goal here is to get back to the ways of my grandparents; to minimize, simplify, consume less, and experience more! I remember how my grandmother would bring a hanky everywhere she went and gently tuck it into her watch. How conscious and beautiful these actions were. So when I do consume, I choose to vote with my dollar, be aware, and think deeply about the businesses that I support.



Your energy is wonderful and to spend a day in your shoes would be seriously magical. How would you spend your ideal day? 

Girl, you are so sweet. On my ideal day, I would be with my family in nature. To camp and be with Mother Earth in the woods or near the ocean. To sleep on the ground, eat delicious local organic food with my family, and play music with my husband at night, while drinking my tea.

And if you had no restrictions, nothing holding you back – what is your dream? And if you have a 5-Year plan, do you think you can accomplish this dream in that time?

My dream is to become a community herbalist who supports women and children. I’d love to open my own shop of herbs and tea blends that incorporates zero waste values. Energy work, specifically Reiki, is also a dream of mine and I would love to master it. I also have a passion to learn more about Feng Shui consulting for the home.

I feel this is something I can obtain in five years. It is currently displayed on my inspiration board at home, where I am reminded to visualize and mediate about it daily.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story, Colleen. I am inspired by women, such as you, who make space and uplift other women. I greatly admire your work and your passions.


Jen Rose

Jennifer Mouet is a mother of two, living consciously and parenting intentionally with her husband in San Diego. She lives minimally, appreciates spending time outdoors with family, and loves the local farmers markets. She is currently studying herbalism and energy healing near the ocean.

Find her on Instagram.
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