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The Herb + Nectar Blog provides articles and information on herbalism tips + recipes, pop-up events, and workshops. Herb + Nectar is a conscious, small-batch apothecary + pop-up tea bar that specializes in reiki-infused organic teas, seasonal offerings, and apothecary goods. 

New Moon Renewal Retreat

Photo by Rachel Smith (Nirvana Ray)

Photo by Rachel Smith (Nirvana Ray)

After settling into the high of healing with some dope ass women - we are so inspired to keep this momentum going.

Words canโ€™t begin to explain the beauty that happened during this weekend. After spending two days experiencing incredible healing, we are SO full. ๐Ÿ”ฎโœจ We experienced and immersed ourselves in a sound bath journey alongside powerful, inspiring women.

Rounds and rounds of continuous healing, intuitive exploration, and conscious growth followed, and we brought the experience home by activating our own sound and inner truth in what was the same circle of women - yet transformed and evolved infinitely since the morning. Same sisters, new perspectives. ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ“ฟ

We learned this weekend that loving and exploring yourself is a PRIORITY, but experiencing the exploration with friends (turned family) is an added BLESSING.

Thank you to all of those who were part of the Herb + Nectar New Moon Renewal Retreat deeply, from the bottom of my heart, we SEE you, we HONOR you, we FEEL you. 

Photo by Rachel Smith (Nirvana Ray)

Photo by Rachel Smith (Nirvana Ray)

Missed our retreat? Check out the info below for details on what went down:

Come join us on March 17-18, 2018, for our NEW MOON RENEWAL RETREAT at the beautiful Terra Madre Gardens. Because New Moons are the first phase of the Moon, they signify the perfect time to plant new seeds, make your intentions, and rid ourselves of negative energies. New Moons are the perfect vehicle for new beginnings, manifestation, and cultivation.

On this weekend, we'll be camping at the Terra Madre Gardens gorgeous farm land - and indulging in the beauty of the land and experience a wide range of healing modalities such as:

  • Sound Healing with Kerem Brule
  • Yoga + Meditation with Ava Johanna of Kicking Asana
  • Voice Activation with Leah Grillo
  • Intention Journaling with Herb + Nectar
  • Delicious Vegan Meals
  • Intuitive Goddess Reading with Melanie Esperon of Reiki Room San Diego
  • Tea Ceremony, Tea Blending, & Lunar Infusions with Herb + Nectar
  • Sage Bundle Making with Herb + Nectar
  • ...and so much more!

All photos by Rachel Smith (Nirvana Ray)

Colleen Ordonio