Farm to cup

At Herb + Nectar, we believe that the healing comes best from the land, which is why we've adopted a farm to cup mentality when creating our rotating, seasonal blend - the Local Blend. When we eat seasonally and locally, we create a symbiosis with both the body and nature, amplifying the holistic healing experience. We partner with local farms near San Diego, California to harvest and create the Local Blend to craft a beautiful tea that contains herbs that would occur in the natural cycle of the season. When possible, we compost the scraps of our harvest + creations so that we may nourish Mother Earth in gratitude.

With every Local Blend sale, we support our local farms by giving back a portion of the proceeds to the host of the harvest.



our partner farms


Terra Madre Gardens | Escondido, CA

Terra Madre Gardens is a small local organic farm specializing in community outreach, workshops, educational programs, and Farm Weddings. One of the most unique venue spaces in San Diego.

From the Farm:
"We are Jessica Sanchez and David Solomon. Our kids are Izcally, Ezra, and Shakti (from oldest to youngest). We've been farming for more than 10 years now. We were able to take the farm to another level in regards to infrastructure and diversity of produce being grown, essentially creating a mini edible forest that provides a wide array of fruits and vegetables. 

We then decided to open the farm to the public on a weekly basis and have events with live music, movie nights, wood fired pizzas, out in the field dinners, weddings, and workshops. It was an amazing way for us to connect with the public and provide a genuine experience that very few places could offer."