As a small business, we enjoy embracing our fellow communities, makers, and creatives.
We show our support by building relationships with + highlighting beautiful, talented individuals within our community.
To further fostering a supportive maker's environment, we form partnerships and collaborations with empowering and conscious creators.


our partnerships + collaborations


BAR THREE PIECE + SEVEN GRAND | San Diego Whiskey Society

Bar Three Piece, inside Seven Grand of San Diego is home to a very special group - The Whiskey Society. Led by whiskey aficionados Jay Stapleton + Michelle Pearson, members of the Whiskey Society are able to indulge in both education and tastings of beautiful whisk(e)ys. This dynamic duo has allowed many to broaden their horizons and knowledge in all things pertaining to the beautiful world of whiskey.

We've partnered with the Whiskey Society to create a truly unique Whiskey + Tea pairing series. For these pairings, we handcraft beautiful flavors of tea to create equally beautiful, unique, and versatile flavor profiles and compliments. By educating attendees on the healing benefits of the herbs, we add a whole new dimension to the whiskey (and tea) lover's toolbox.


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Future of Women | #womenmade

Future of Women has created a virtual #womenmade marketplace, featuring creations by adventurous women around the world.

From Future of Women:
"Future of Women is a movement to celebrate women around the world. Women are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring communities, but we often don’t hear enough about these women.

On January 11, we created FUTURE OF WOMEN to celebrate creative and adventurous women around the world. Through photography and film, we tell the stories of women who are breaking the mold to bring big and beautiful ideas to life."